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Higuita is a 2023 Indian Malayalam-language political drama film directed by Hemant G Nair and produced by Bobby Tharian and Sajith Amma. The film stars Sooraj Venjaramudhu in the lead role, with Dhyan Srinivasan, Manoj K. Jayan, Indrans, Abu Salim and Vineet Kumar are in the supporting cast.

The NS film title was disputed by Madhav, who claimed that it infringed his rights to use the title for a film based on his short story of the same name. Despite the controversy, Higuita was released on 31 March 2023.

The plot centers around Pannanur Mukundhan, an ardent leftist leader from Malabar, who is constantly threatened with violence and assassination because of his political beliefs.

New police officer Ayyappa Das is assigned as Mukundhan’s bodyguard. Das took the job because his father, also a police officer, died while in service and left the family in financial straits. To support his family, Das decides to join the police force.

Higuita tells the story of working with two very different people and the conflicts that arise from their relationship. The film deals with their personal struggles and the challenges they face while in close quarters.

Higuita Movie Details

Directed byHemanth G Nair
Written byHemanth G Nair
Screenplay byHemanth G Nair
Story byHemanth G Nair
Produced byBobby Tharian & Sajith Amma
CinematographyFazil Nazer
Edited byPraseedh Narayanan
Music byRahul Raj (Songs), Dawn Vincent (Score)
Production company2nd Half Productions
Release date31 March 2023

Higuita Cast & Crew

Suraj VenjaramooduPanniyannur Mukundan
Dhyan SreenivasanAyyappadas
Manoj K. Jayan
IndransKunjananthan master
Binu PappuRaghu
Vineeth Kumar
Sanju SivramVinod
Sangeerthana VipinSharanya
Abu Salim
Sruthy Jayan

Higuita Box Office Collection Worldwide

Day 1 (Fri)₹ 0.08 Cr
Day 2 (Sat)₹ 0.12 Cr
Day 3 (Sun)₹ 0.11 Cr
Day 4 (Mon)₹ 0.04 Cr
Day 5 (Tue)₹ 0.06 Cr
Day 6 (Wed)₹ 0.04 Cr
Day 7 (Thu)₹ 0.03 Cr
Week 1 Collection₹ 0.51 Cr

India Box Office Collection: ₹ 0.51 Cr

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Higuita Review, Storyline, Plot, Suspense, Performance

In the 1980s, international football fans may remember René Higuita, a Colombian goalkeeper famous for his unusual skills on the field. For those who don’t know him, NS’s short story “Higuita” Madhavan introduced him to many Malayali readers. The story is about a kind priest who rescues a girl from prostitution.

Controversial film title

Debut director Hemanth G. Nair chose to name his film “Higuita”, which caused a lot of controversy. He claimed that the film had nothing to do with Madhavan’s story but felt that the title suited the lead character of his film.

Political thriller setting

The film is set in Kannur, known for its political rivalry. The story follows Ayyappa Das (played by Dhyan Srinivasan), a naive and inexperienced policeman, who is assigned as the bodyguard of political leader Pannayannur Mukundan (played by Sooraj Venjaramudhu). New to the area and its politics, Das is unsettled by the events around him. An assassination attempt on Mukundan changes everything.

Suspense and threats

Dasa must be vigilant to save himself and Mukundan from real danger. Mukundan’s enemies try to convince Das to kill Mukundan, creating a tense “will he or won’t he” scenario that keeps the audience engaged. The mysterious background is enhanced by the score.

Gripping second half

The second half of the film is particularly exciting and saves it from being just another political thriller. Unlike other films of this genre, “Higuita” does not include a romantic subplot or typical emotional drama. It remains focused on its political narrative. The violence shown is significant but not overly graphic.

Bold political statements

“Higuita” makes strong political statements through sharp dialogues. For example, a party worker tells Das that the party only engages in activities that guarantee results, highlighting the problem of dirty politics. The film criticizes right-wing and left-wing politics, which may be difficult for some viewers with strong political opinions to accept.

Remarkable performance

The acting in the film is impressive. Sooraj Venjaramudhu does an excellent job as Mukundan, though he sometimes lacks the menacing presence of a political leader. Dhyan Srinivasan and the rest of the cast also give strong performances. Screenwriter Jayprakash Kuloor is excellent in his role as a right-wing political leader.

Overall, “Higuita” is a compelling political thriller with thought-provoking dialogues and powerful performances. It stands out in the genre for its bold political commentary and compelling storyline.

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