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IB 71 Box Office Collection, Budget, Cast, Trailor, Hit or Flop, Review

IB 71 Box Office Collection, Budget, Cast, Trailor, Hit or Flop, Review

In the movie “IB 71”, we follow a secret mission during the 1971 India-Pakistan war. Starring Vidyut Jammwal and Anupam Kher, the film starts strong but gets confusing with all the visuals and flashbacks. Directed by Sankalp Reddy, the first half feels like a puzzle without clear answers. Thankfully, things start to make sense in the second half, but it might be too little, too late for some viewers. Overall, “IB 71” tells an important story but may leave some scratching their heads along the way.

IB 71 Movie Box Office Collection

Opening Day1.75 cr.
India Gross Collection27.54 cr.
Overseas Gross Collection165.00 cr.
Worldwide Gross Collection29.19 cr.

IB 71 India Box Office Collection

Opening Day1.75 cr.
End of Opening Weekend7.00 cr.
Week 110.00 cr.
Lifetime Collection15.00 cr.

IB 71 Day Wise Box Office Collection

Day 51.10 cr.12 %
Day 61.00 cr.9 %
Day 770.00 Lakh30 %

IB 71 Week Wise Box Office Collection

Week 110.00 cr.

IB 71 Weekend Box Office Collection

Weekend 17.00 cr.

IB 71 Movie Story

In recent years, several films have showcased the impressive skills of Indian intelligence teams. From “Baby” to “Akbar Walter Romeo” and now “Mission Majnoo”, these films depict the stories of brave Indian officers. But “IB 71” stands out for its compelling plot. It is based on real events before the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971 when East Pakistan became Bangladesh.

The film tells the story of Dev Jamwal, an intelligence officer who gets vital information about attacks on India. With limited time, he plans to hijack a plane to stop the attacks. At first, his plan seems impossible, but the government finally agrees to it.

The film moves quickly, focusing on action and suspense. Actors like Vidyut Jamwal and Anupam Kher do a great job in their roles. The film’s cinematography and direction are also impressive, especially the Dal Lake scenes.

The “IB 71” is a fascinating watch that sheds light on an important piece of history. It keeps you busy during its runtime. If you enjoy action movies with a historical twist, you will enjoy “IB 71”.

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