Kasargold is a 2023 Malayalam action thriller film directed by Mridul Nair and produced by Udley Films. It stars Asif Ali, Sunny Wayne and Vinayakan in lead roles.

The shooting of the film started in September 2022 in Payanoor. Music by Vishnu Vijay and Niranj Suresh, Cinematography by Jabin Jacob and Editing by Manoj Kannoth.

When it hit theaters on September 15, 2023, Kasargold received mixed reviews from critics, with varying opinions on its impact and storytelling.

Kasargold Movie Overview

Directed byMridul Nair
Written byMridul Nair, Sajimon Prabhakar
Produced byVikram Mehra, Siddharth Anand Kumar, Suraj Kumar, Rinny Divakar
StarringAsif Ali, Sunny Wayne, Vinayakan
CinematographyJebin Jacob
Edited byManoj Kannoth
MusicSongs: Vishnu Vijay, Niranj Suresh
Score: Vishnu Vijay
Production companiesYoodlee Films, Mukhari Entertainment
Release date15 September 2023
Running time137 minutes

Kasargold Starring Cast & Crew

Asif AliAlby / James Albert
Sunny WayneFaisal Muhammad / Muneer
VinayakanCI Alex Thomas Kavalkkaran
SiddiqueMoosa Haji
Malavika SreenathNancy Alby
Sreeranjini NairDivya (Faisal’s wife)
Deepak ParambolVishnu (Sura)
DhruvanRajeesh (Sreenath)
Prashanth MuraliVijayan (Kumar)
Abhiram RadhakrishnanVinod (Rajesh)
DhananjayAkshai Narayanan
P. P. KunhikrishnanComrade Narayanan
Sampath RamVijay Pujari
Babu AnnurMuhammad
James EliaJordy
Geethi SangeethaJameela
Chithra NairReshmi
Ratheesh Balakrishnan PothuvalFiroz
Sagar SuryaRihan

Kasargold Worldwide Box Office Collection

Movie TitleKasargold
Box Office Earnings (First Week)2.10 crores
DirectorMridul Nair
Year of Release2023
GenreAction, Drama, Thriller
Lead CastAsif Ali, Sunny Wayne, Vinayakan
DayIndia Net Collection (in Crores)
Day 1 [1st Friday]₹ 0.7 Cr * rough data
Day 2 [1st Saturday]₹ 0.59 Cr * rough data
Day 3 [1st Sunday]₹ 0.68 Cr * may earn
Total₹ 1.97 Cr

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Kasargold Review, Storyline and Plot

Before I begin, I would like to inform readers that this review covers the film with its original ending, as opposed to the abrupt and incomplete version cut short due to technical glitches in the initial screenings on Friday. The final version, with the complete and much improved ending, was being updated in cinemas at the time of writing.

Kasargold begins with an interesting prologue. A father narrates a story to his son, which ends with a cruel twist. This sets the tone for Kasargold, where every character seems tense. Asif Ali’s Alby acts wildly throughout the film, always ready for a fight.

Fortunately, Ali’s performance here is more balanced than his extreme portrayal in Jis Joy’s Inel Vere. In Kasargold, Sunny Wayne’s Faizal serves as the film’s emotional anchor, balancing Ali’s intensity. The film also has several supporting characters with questionable intentions, which add depth to the story.

The plot begins with a minor car accident, which starts a chain of events. The film has multiple sub-plots, characters and chaos, making it feel bigger than reality. This structure works well, although at times the intensity feels excessive. For fans of Oliver Stone’s Savages or Tony Scott’s True Romance, Kasargold is the Malayalam version of this storytelling style, with characters constantly on the run, trying to escape danger.

Kasargold balances style and substance, focusing on greed and survival. The dynamic between Asif Ali and Sunny Wayne is reminiscent of the events in the prologue, playing with our expectations of how their story will end.

The film’s unpredictability comes from a variety of shady characters, played by Vinayakan, Siddique, PP Kunjikrishnan, Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval, Malavika Srinath, Deepak Parambol and Abhirami Radhakrishnan.

Deals are made, locations and costumes are changed, alliances are tested, and some characters meet brutal ends. The film narrates its gripping story well. Despite the occasional lack of energy, director Mridul Nair and editor Manoj Kannoth maintain a lively rhythm that keeps the film engaging. Vishnu Vijay’s refreshing score also helps prevent repetition fatigue.

Questions of loyalty, survival and revenge drive the story, the answers to which are (correctly) revealed in the finale. However, some narrative choices create confusion, such as the narration of key moments in Asif Ali’s voice, which makes me wonder when the narration began. There is also some confusion about who owns the loot, which changes hands several times.

Despite these minor problems, Kasargold is an entertaining, anxiety-inducing thriller that creates a sense of claustrophobia even in an outdoor setting. Check that theatres are showing the final cut, as the original ending is more effective than the incomplete ending shown during morning shows.

  • Movie: Kasargold
  • Director: Mridul Nair
  • Cast: Asif Ali, Sunny Wayne, Vinayakan, Deepak Parambol, Siddique
  • Rating: 3.5/5

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