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Om Bheem Bush Budget, Review, Story, Cast, Collection, Hit or Flop, Release Date

Om Bheem Bush Budget, Review, Story, Cast, Collection, Hit or Flop, Release Date
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Om Bheem Bush gains popularity due to its funny scenes, mainly due to the actors and crazy situations. Krishna, Vinay, and Maddy are twenty-somethings, still living college life and coming up with strange topics for their PhD. Projects. His actions often cause trouble for Professor Ranjit. The first half of the film is filled with fun songs and dances by Kamakshi Bhaskarla and Priya Vadlamani as well as their silly adventures.

Om Bheem Bush Movie Details

Directed bySree Harsha Konuganti
Written bySree Harsha Konuganti
Produced bySunil Balusu
StarringSree Vishnu
Rahul Ramakrishna
Srikanth Iyengar
Ayesha Khan
CinematographyRaj Thota
Edited byVijay Vardhan Kavuri
Music bySunny M.R.
Production companiesV Celluloid
VR Global Media
Release date22 March 2024
Running time142 minutes
Box office₹26 crore (US$3.3 million)

Om Bheem Bush Review

Om Bheem Bush is a seamless blend of comedy, drama, and horror and entertains the audience with funny moments and unexpected twists. The chemistry between the lead trio is great, making their friendship feel real and believable. Other actors like Preeti Mukundan and Ayesha Khan add to the charm of the film. But, it could have been even better if they explored the characters in more depth.

The director, Mr. Harsha Konuganti, tells the story well while adding some interesting ideas about gender roles. The scenes of rural life have been beautifully filmed by Raj Thota, blending the supernatural with everyday life. Sunny MR’s music helps bring out the emotions of the characters.

Although the film is good, it seems slow at times, especially in the first half. And the mix of comedy and horror parts doesn’t always work perfectly, making the story a bit confusing. The development of the characters could have been shown more clearly. Nevertheless, the film encourages viewers to enjoy its blend of reality and fantasy.

Om Bheem Bush shows how creative Telugu cinema can be, blending comedy, mystery, and the supernatural for a thrilling story. Despite its flaws, it’s a fun watch with a great story and lively performances. This is a step forward for regional cinema, especially for fans of films that combine real life with magic.

Om Bheem Bush Cast & Crew

Sree VishnuSree Harsha Konuganti
Priyadarshi PulikondaSunny M.R.
Rahul RamakrishnaRaj Thota
Ayesha KhanVijay Vardhan Kavuri
Racha Ravi
Srikanth Iyengar

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