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Pavi Caretaker is a 2024 Indian Malayalam-language comedy-drama movie directed by Vineeth Kumar and written by Rajesh Raghavan. The film was produced by Dileep through his company, Grand Productions, and also stars him in the lead role. Other actors in the film include Vineeth, Johnny Antony, Radhika Sarathkumar, and Dharmajan Bolgatti.

The film was released in theaters on April 26, 2024, and received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised parts of the film, many critics compared it to 90s films and criticized its comedy scenes for being dated. Overall, the film received a largely negative response, with reviewers expressing disappointment in its humor.

Pavi Caretaker Movie Information

Directed byVineeth Kumar
Written byRajesh Raghavan
Produced byDileep
CinematographySanu Thahir
Edited byDeepu Joseph
Music byMidhun Mukundan
Production companyGrand Production
Distributed byRight Release through FEOUK
Release date26 April 2024
Box officeest. ₹8.05 crore

Pavi Caretaker Star Cast & Crew

DileepPavithran / Pavi, a janitor of an apartment
Vineeth KumarAbhi
Johny AntonyMaathan
Radhika SarathkumarMariyamma
Dharmajan BolgattyRatheesh
Swathi KondeLeena
Shreya RukminiJanaki
Joohi JayakumarMalini
Spadikam GeorgePurushan
Jinu BenJerry
Deepu G. PanickerPramosh

Pavi Caretaker Box Office Collection Worldwide

Cumulative Collection in IndiaRs 6.15 crores
Gross CollectionRs 8.05 crores
11th Day CollectionRs 14 lakhs
Film TitlePavi Caretaker
Lead ActorDileep
DirectorVineeth Kumar
Release DateApril 26
Box Office Gross (India Net)Rs 5.3 crore
Rating (ETimes)3 out of 5
Earnings on Seventh Day (May 2)Rs 22 lakh
Overall Occupancy Rate (May 2)15.96%
Morning Show Occupancy Rate6.20%
Night Show Occupancy Rate31.01%

Day 7 Malayalam Occupancy

Show TimingOccupancy
Morning Shows6.20%
Afternoon Shows13.40%
Evening Shows13.22%
Night Shows31.01%

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Pavi Caretaker Story and Background

Malayalam actor Dileep is back with a new film titled Pavi Caretaker after his previous film Thankmani did not perform well at the box office. This time the film has been directed by Vineet Kumar and the producer is Dilip himself. In the film, Dilip plays the character of Pavi, who is the caretaker of a big apartment building.

Is Pavi Caretaker Hit or Flop?

Pavi Caretaker is Directed by Vineet Kumar, this film was released in theaters on 26 April 2024. The reviews may have been mixed, but it has earned 8+ crores in just 7 days. If its earnings continue like this, then it can become a hit in the coming days.

Plot Summary

Paavi worked in the Gulf for several years but spent all his money on his family. Now, he has to work as a caretaker to earn a living. Paavi is a bachelor who takes his work very seriously. He believes he is the best person to keep people safe on campus. However, his strictness and clumsiness lead to many ridiculous situations.

Pavi is also very stupid and likes to stay alone. He often gets into arguments with the women he works with. But everything changes when his landlady Mariamma (played by Radhika Sarathkumar) tells him that he will have a new roommate. Paavi assumes it is a man and is surprised to learn that it is a woman. Since Paavi works both day and night shifts, he never sees her, and they only communicate through letters. In this way, they slowly start getting to know each other. One day, she leaves due to a misunderstanding, and the story follows what happens between them and whether they will meet.

Pavi Caretaker Review

Paavi Caretaker tries to bring back the old-school slapstick comedy that Dileep is known for. Director Vineet Kumar hopes to give Dileep’s fans a taste of his classic witty antics. Unfortunately, the comedy is over the top and not very funny. Many scenes seem to be copied from Dilip’s old films and some Hollywood comedies. The jokes don’t fit well into the story and come at predictable times, making them not very entertaining.

Pavi Caretaker tries to remind the audience of Dileep’s previous comedy hits but fails to succeed. The film relies too much on old jokes and repetitive scenes, making it less entertaining. To keep pace with other actors who are trying new things, Dileep may need to come up with new and more creative stories.

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