Maamla Legal Hai OTT Release, Box Office Collection, Review, Story, Budget, Cast, Hit or Flop

Maamla Legal Hai Budget, Worldwide Collection, OTT Release, Cast, Hit or Flop, Review, Story


If you are looking for a good comedy series, ‘Mamaala Legal Hai’ is now on Netflix. The show stars well-known actors like Ravi Kishan and Yashpal Sharma. Let’s find out what this series is about and why you might like it.

What Is The Story of Maamla Legal Hai Series?

The story of ‘Mamaala Legal Hai’ takes place in Delhi’s Patparganj District Court. It begins with VD Tyagi, played by Ravi Kishan, a smart and cunning lawyer who specializes in finding loopholes in the law. VD Tyagi wants to become the president of the Bar Association. The series also stars Ananya Shroff, played by Naila Grewal, who is a Harvard graduate and dreams of helping the underprivileged with legal issues. But when she starts working at the Patparganj court, she learns about the harsh realities of the legal system.

‘Mamaala Legal Hai’ shows not only what happens in the courtroom but also the personal lives of lawyers. This series is quite entertaining and will have you laughing out loud after watching its 8 episodes.

NameMaamla Legal Hai
DirectorRahul Pandey
WriterKunal Aneja-Saurabh Khanna
Release DateMarch 1, 2024
CategoryComedy Drama

Ravi Kishan Steals The Show

There are many crime and thriller shows on Netflix, but ‘Mamaala Legal Hai’ is different as it is a comedy-drama. The series shines because of Ravi Kishan. He has played the role of lawyer VD Tyagi so well that you won’t be able to take your eyes off him. Other actors including Naila Grewal, Yashpal Sharma, Nidhi Bisht and Anant Joshi also do a great job in their roles.

Why Watch Maamla Legal Hai Series?

This 8-episode series tells funny stories about unusual cases that will definitely make you smile. The story is so funny that it will lighten your mood. ‘Mamaala Legal Hai’ is full of funny one-liners and jokes that will entertain you and leave a lasting impression. It is a clean comedy series, perfect for a fun watch.

The series is directed by Rahul Pandey, who has done a great job. His direction is simple, and he refrains from using inappropriate jokes or vulgarity.

About Maamla Legal Hai Netflix Series 2024

Premiere DateCastNetworkGenreCharacter StrengthsTV RatingLast Updated
March 1, 2024Riva Kishan, Naila Grewal, Nidhi BishtNetflixComedyPerseveranceTV-MAMarch 5, 2024

Maamla Legal Hai Cast & Crew

  1. Ravi Kishan
  2. Saurabhh Khanna
  3. Sameer Saxena
  4. Biswapati Sarkar
  5. Amit Golani
  6. Rahil Pandey
  7. Vijay Rajoria
  8. Yashpal Sharma
  9. Nidhi Bisht
  10. Anant V Joshi
  11. Naila Grewal
  12. Anjum Batra

Maamla Legal Hai Review OTT Release Date

Ravi Kishan’s new web series is coming on Netflix on March 1. Its name is ‘The matter is legal.’ In the show, Kishan plays the role of a clever lawyer in Patpatganj District Court. He deals with some very strange cases, like being prosecuted for abusing a parrot!

Netflix shared the first poster of the series on February 7, 2024. It looks exciting, and we can’t wait to see Kishan in this unique role!

Maamla Legal Hai Review

Maamla Legal Hai is a fun and unique series that takes you into the unique world of a district court in Patparganj. It is based on real-life stories and consists of eight episodes filled with strange cases. One Case is about a parrot who gets into trouble because of his poor language, creating a mix of humor and reality in the series.

The show starts with Ravi Kishan playing a clever lawyer named VD Tyagi who wants to become the boss of the local bar association. They are joined by Ananya Shroff, played by Naila Grewal, who is a passionate Harvard lawyer but discovers that things are different in Patparganj. There is also Didi, played by Nidhi Bisht, who dreams of setting up her own law office despite not having much experience. Ananth V Joshi plays the role of court manager Vishwas Pandey, who thinks he is like a character from a famous TV show.

The show’s producers, led by Sameer Saxena and director Rahul Pandey, bring humor and real-life inspiration to the series. While the main idea is good and the actual stories make it interesting, sometimes the story slows down when it focuses too much on Tyagi’s personal life.

Ravi Kishan has done a great job playing the role of Tyagi, switching between being timid and honest. The rest of the cast including Yashpal Sharma, Naila Grewal, Ananth V Joshi and Nidhi Bisht are also entertaining to watch. The jokes and funny moments in the show keep you entertained from beginning to end.

Overall, Maamla Legal Hai is a fun and entertaining series that blends comedy and drama in a unique way. If you want something light-hearted and entertaining then this is a great watch.

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Maamla Legal Hai Netflix Series Story

“Masla Legal Hai” is a fun show based on a Delhi court. It’s all about Vishwas Pandey, who runs things there. He V.D. Like lawyers. Solitaire, which is great at finding ways to win cases, even if it means bending the rules a bit. Then there is Didi, who is determined and wants to have her own law office one day. Ananya is new and smart but she has trouble understanding how to make money while doing good work.

It has many interesting characters, like Tyagi, who thinks he is the boss, and Vishwas’s friend Mintu. Together, they encounter all kinds of strange situations, from dealing with tricky coworkers to solving strange cases. It’s a wild journey through the world of law and laughter!

Maamla Legal Hai Related FAQs – People Also Ask

Q1: Is the Maamla Legal Hai series hit or a flop?

Maamla Legal Hai is a hit on Netflix, joining the list of popular comedies like “The Great Indian Kapil Show”. Produced by Posham Pa Pictures, the show is loved for its unique storyline and charming characters, delighting fans not only in India but across the world.

Q2: Who is the director of Maamla Legal Hai?

The show is directed by Rahul Pandey, who also directed “Nirmal Pathak Ki Ghar Wapsi” in 2022. Rahul Pandey says making comedy is very difficult but it does not get enough credit. He believes that actors like Jim Carrey and Govinda are great because they can make people laugh and act well.

Q3: How many episodes are there in Maamla Legal Hai?

The series consists of eight episodes and is based on the fictional Patparganj District Court. It shows the strange side of law through the eyes of its quirky lawyers, who handle strange cases and clients.

Q4: Is Maamla Legal Hai Suitable for Families?

Yes, Masla Legal Hai is a clean comedy, making it great for families. This is a fun series to watch with family and friends on weekends as it is entertaining and suitable for all ages.

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