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Pentagon Box Office Collection, Budget, Cast, OTT Release, Story, Review, Hit or Flop

Pentagon Box Office Collection, Budget, Cast, OTT Release, Story, Review, Hit or Flop

Pentagon is an exciting anthology drama film from India, released in 2023. It is quite unique in the world of Kannada cinema, as it is one of the rare anthology films in the language. The movie is divided into five separate stories, all linked by a common theme.

Chandra Mohan, Akash Srivats, Raghu Shivamogga, Kiran Kumar and Guru Deshpande Pentagon in Kishore, p. Directed by a talented ensemble including Ravi Shankar, Vijanath Biradar, Pramod Shetty, Prakash Belawadi and Prithvi Ambar. Each actor brings depth and emotion to their respective roles, making the film a captivating watch.

Pentagon isn’t just entertaining; It also gives viewers an opportunity to explore different themes and perspectives. From human emotions to social issues, the film explores various aspects of life, leaving a lasting impact on its audience.

Overall, Pentagon showcases the creativity and talent present in Kannada cinema. It is a must-watch for those who appreciate compelling storytelling and exceptional performances.

Pentagon Movie Brief Overview

Directed byChandra Mohan
Akash Srivatsa
Raghu Shivamogga
Kiran Kumar
Guru Deshpande
Written byS Shyam Prasad
Abhishek A
Kyathe Gowda SM
Vamshi Krishna
Raghu Niduvalli
Sharanu Hullur
Raghu Shivamogga
Produced byGuru Deshpande
P. Ravi Shankar
Vijanath Biradar
Pramod Shetty
Prakash Belawadi
Pruthvi Ambaar
CinematographyKiran Hampapur
Guruprasad MG
Abhilash Kalathi
Edited byVenkatesh UDV
Music byManikanth Kadri
Production companyG Cinemas
Release date7 April 2023

Pentagon Cast & Crew

Movie TitleDirectorNotable Cast Members
Mr Goofy’s CaféChandra Mohan
Mysore PakAkash Srivatsa
Kamaturam Na Bhayam Na LajjaRaghu Shivamogga
Doni Saagali Munde HogaliKiran Kumar
KarmaGuru Deshpande
Pramod Shetty
Vijanath Biradar as Ramakant
Sagar as Anil
Tanisha Kuppanda as Jessi
Prakash Belawadi as Rajesh Nayak
Prithika Deshpande as Low caste woman
P. Ravi Shankar as Kodagu landlord
Kishore as Kadamba Ramachandrappa
Pruthvi Ambaar

Pentagon Movie Review and Storyline

Pentagon is a new Kannada anthology film that brings together five different stories, all linked by the theme of death. Directed by Guru Deshpande, Akash Srivatsa, Raghu Shivamogga, Chandramohan, and Kiran Kumar, the film explores various genres such as thriller, dark comedy, emotional drama, and stories about social issues. The performances throughout are strong, making each short film captivating, though some are more impressive than others.

Chandramohan’s story Mr. Gulji Café is about a man who wants to end his life and hires a hitman for it. Despite the interesting idea, the execution fails, and the ending doesn’t leave a strong impression.

Akash Srivatsa’s “Mysore Pak” is a more realistic story about a retired teacher who is tired of home-cooked meals and wants sweets. He learned about the Swiggy app from a stranger and started ordering his favorite dishes. However, her happiness is short-lived, conveying a harsh message about life’s fleeting pleasures.

Raghu Shivamogga’s “Kamaturanan Na Bhayam Na Lajja” is a thriller about the murder of a middle-aged woman. A boy from the neighborhood becomes the prime suspect in the police investigation. The story touches on serious issues like honey trapping and blackmail.

Kiran Kumar’s debut film, “Doni Sagali Munde Hoagli”, deals with themes of love, relationships, hatred, violence, and death in the context of caste-based discrimination. This social drama is well-acted and beautifully shot by cinematographer Abhilash Kalathi.

Guru Deshpande’s “Karma” uses Kannada activism as its backdrop, offering several twists. However, the attempt to surprise the audience sometimes overpowers the story, making the overall effect less effective. Despite this, actor Kishore delivered an excellent performance with strong support from Prithvi Amber.

Prakash Belawadi and Ravi Shankar also deliver remarkable performances in their respective stories. Other actors like Pramod Shetty, Sagara, Tanisha Kuppanda, Pritika Deshpande, and Prerna Kambam are performing well in their roles.

Kadri Manikant’s music enhances the film’s themes, adding emotional depth to the stories.

Pentagon presents a variety of stories and characters, each of which highlights the importance of life and the consequences of death. This leaves the audience with the challenging task of choosing their favorite stories among the compelling stories.

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