Rauw Alejandro Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Career, Family, Biography

Rauw Alejandro Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Career, Family, Biography
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Rauw Alejandro is a leading figure in Latin music. He’s from Puerto Rico and does it all: singing, songwriting, and acting. People call him the “King of Modern Reggaeton”. As of 2024, he is worth approximately $20 million.

She’s not just a pretty face; She’s got tons of confidence and a killer voice. His performance is like a bolt of energy, and Variety magazine says he is the top Hispanic star of his generation in the music world.

But what makes Rauw special is his love for family and faith. He loves spending time with his loved ones and remains humble because of his religious beliefs. Despite so much fame, he remains true to himself.

In short, Rauw Alejandro is a superstar dedicated to family, faith, and great music.

Rauw Alejandro Biography

Rauw Alejandro real name Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz, was born on January 10, 1993, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has given birth to many musical icons in Hispanic culture, and Raw Alejandro is one of them.

Growing up, Rauw had a unique childhood surrounded by music. His father was an accomplished guitarist and his mother was a talented singer. He learned to sing like a professional from his mother and learned guitar skills from his father. Along with his music studies, he also enjoyed playing soccer and earned a spot on the under-15 Puerto Rican national team.

Despite his love of football, Rauw Alejandro’s heart was in music. However, his journey in the music industry was not easy. He faced challenges in making deals with record labels. But with determination, he rose to fame and became a legend in Puerto Rican music.

Rauw Alejandro Net Worth Year Wise

Rauw Alejandro Net Worth 2024

April 2024$67.6K – $108.2K
March 2024$65.2K – $104.4K
February 2024$79.8K – $127.7K
January 2024$66.2K – $106K

Total Revenue: $299.2K (approximate range: $278.9K – $446.3K)

Rauw Alejandro Net Worth 2023

December 2023$72.2K – $115.5K
November 2023$68.9K – $110.3K
October 2023$70.5K – $112.8K
September 2023$145.5K – $232.9K
August 2023$19.9K – $31.8K
July 2023$77.5K – $124K
June 2023$109.3K – $174.8K
May 2023$83.6K – $133.7K
April 2023$90.3K – $144.5K
March 2023$123.2K – $197.1K
February 2023$110.5K – $176.7K
January 2023$116.7K – $186.8K

Total Revenue: $1.1M (approximate range: $1.1M – $1.7M)

Rauw Alejandro Net Worth 2022

December 2022$147.4K – $235.8K
November 2022$94.1K – $150.6K
October 2022$108K – $172.7K
September 2022$120.2K – $192.3K
August 2022$100.4K – $160.6K
July 2022$81.9K – $131K
June 2022$133.2K – $213.1K
May 2022$126.9K – $203.1K
April 2022$314.8K – $503.7K
March 2022$184.4K – $295.1K
February 2022$146.8K – $234.9K
January 2022$139.3K – $222.9K

Total Revenue: $1.7M (approximate range: $1.7M – $2.7M)

Rauw Alejandro Net Worth 2021

December 2021$182.8K – $292.5K
November 2021$123.6K – $197.8K
October 2021$125.1K – $200.1K
September 2021$176.4K – $282.2K
August 2021$163.8K – $262.1K
July 2021$276K – $441.6K
June 2021$305.7K – $489.1K
May 2021$185.7K – $297K
April 2021$236.5K – $378.4K
March 2021$216.5K – $346.4K
February 2021$197.2K – $315.5K
January 2021$161.1K – $257.7K

Total Revenue: $2.4M (approximate range: $2.4M – $3.8M)

Rauw Alejandro Net Worth 2020

December 2020$234.2K – $374.8K
November 2020$183.3K – $293.3K
October 2020$204.8K – $327.7K
September 2020$177.8K – $284.5K
August 2020$212.8K – $340.5K
July 2020$248.5K – $397.6K
June 2020$141.2K – $226K
May 2020$146K – $233.6K
April 2020$181.6K – $290.5K
March 2020$108K – $172.9K
February 2020$87.8K – $140.4K
January 2020$141.2K – $226K

Total Revenue: $2.1M (approximate range: $2.1M – $3.3M)

Rauw Alejandro Net Worth 2019

December 2019$193.1K – $309K
November 2019$99.4K – $159.1K
October 2019$76.3K – $122K
September 2019$68.5K – $109.7K
August 2019$59.6K – $95.4K
July 2019$26.5K – $42.5K
June 2019$36.7K – $58.7K
May 2019$39.6K – $63.3K
April 2019$46.9K – $75.1K
March 2019$31.7K – $50.7K
February 2019$30K – $48K
January 2019$14.9K – $23.9K

Total Revenue: $781.3K (approximate range: $723.3K – $1.2M)

Rauw Alejandro Net Worth 2018

December 2018$23.3K – $37.2K
November 2018$12.1K – $19.3K

Total Revenue: $42.3K (approximate range: $35.3K – $56.5K)

Rauw Alejandro Career

Raw Alejandro’s journey in music has been incredible. He started with local competitions and soon gained global fame. His first mixtape showcased his talent and songs like “Dile A L” made him popular.

But it was her album “Afrodisiaco” in 2020 that really made her a star. It had a mix of different musical styles like reggaeton, Latin pop, and R&B and everyone loved it. Songs like “Aquel Nap Zaz” and “Todo de Ti” became huge hits and Rev Alejandro became a big name in the music world.

Then, in 2021, his album “Vice Versa” reached number one on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart. This shows how much he has evolved as an artist. The song “Dile MMGV” was also a major success.

People love Rauw Alejandro for his unique musical style and his hard work. So, even though people wonder about her height, it is her amazing music that really makes her stand out.

Rauw Alejandro Awards

Grammy NominationsAlbum of the Year“Un Verano Sin Ti” (Bad Bunny)2023
Best Música Urbana Album“Afrodisíaco”2022
Best Música Urbana Album“Trap Cake, Vol. 2”2023
Album of the Year“Motomami” (Rosalía)2022
Latin Grammy AwardsBest Urban Fusion/Performance“Tattoo (Remix)”2021
Best New Artist2020
Record of the Year“Todo de Ti”2021
Song of the Year“Todo de Ti”2021
Record of the Year“Te Felicito”2022
Song of the Year“Agua” (Daddy Yankee)2022
Best Reggaeton Performance“Desesperados”2022
Best Urban Song“Desesperados”2022
Best Urban Music Album“Trap Cake, Vol. 2”2022
Album of the Year“Dharma” (Sebastián Yatra)2022
Album of the Year“Un Verano Sin Ti” (Bad Bunny)2022
ASCAP Latin Music AwardsWinning Songs“Fantasías”2021
Winning Songs“Tattoo (Remix)”2021
iHeartRadio Music AwardsBest New Latin Artist2021
Billboard Latin Music AwardsAirplay Song of the Year“Todo de Ti”2022
Latin Pop Song of the Year“Todo de Ti”2022
E40 Music AwardMusic Video of the Year“Baila Conmigo”2021
Latin Music Official Italian AwardBest Latin Remix“Tattoo (Remix)”2020
LOS40 Music AwardsBest Urban Artist or Group – Latin2021
Best Song – Latin“Todo de Ti”2021
SESAC Latina Music AwardsWinning Songs“Que Le Dé”2020
Winning Songs“La Nota”2021
Winning Songs“TBT”2021
FM Like Los+Likeados AwardUrban Artist of the Year2021
Radio La Zona AwardArtist of the Year2021
Noise Colectivo AwardsUnderdog of the Year2020
Best Animated Video“Algo Mágico”2020

FAQs – People Also Ask

Question-1: What is the height of Rauw Alejandro?

Answer: Rauw Alejandro is about 5 feet 8 inches tall, which is 173 cm.

Question-2: What is the age of Rauw Alejandro?

Answer: Rauw Alejandro is 31 years old. He was born on 10 January 1993.

Question-3: What is the total gross income of Rauw Alejandro?

Answer: Rauw Alejandro’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million

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