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Sri Raghupati Budget, Box Office Collection, Review, Cast, Release Date

Sri Raghupati Budget, Box Office Collection, Review, Cast, Release Date

Sri Raghupati is an Indian entertainment crime thriller film written in Assamese language and directed by Suvrat Kakoti. The film stars talented actors like Ravi Sarma, Arun Hazarika, Arun Nath, Priyam Pallavi and Preeti Kongana. This highlights the serious issue of women trafficking in the region. The film not only gained attention in Assam but also gained popularity in cities outside the state. Notably, Sri Raghupati broke records by becoming the highest-grossing Assamese film of all time, surpassing the success of “Ratnakar” (2019).

Directed bySuvrat Kakoti
Written byRavi Sarma
Produced bySailen Sharma
StarringRavi Sarma, Arun Hazarika, Arun Nath, Priyam Pallavi, Preety Kongana
CinematographyPradip Daimary
Edited bySuvrat Kakoti
Music byPranoy Dutta, Diganta Bharati
Release date5 June 2023
Running time129 minutes
Budget₹ 2 Crore
Box office₹ 13.81 Crore

Sri Raghupati Movie Cast & Crew

Ravi SarmaRaghupati Rai Baruah
Arun HazarikaMLA
Arun NathDetective Adhikari/Salman Khan
Priyam PallaviParismita Rai Baruah
Preety KonganaManisha
Siddartha SharmaKalyan Chandra Dutta
Rina BoraRaghupati and Parismita’s mother
Luna DeviTora
Raj SharmaAltaf
Bornali PujariRukhsar/Bidisha
Manujit SharmaIbrahim
Kukil SaikiaHanif
Biswajit OjahSenior Officer
Siddhartha Mukherjee (cameo)

Sri Raghupati Assamese Review & Hit or Flop

“Sri Raghupathi” is a thriller starring Ravi Sarma in the lead role, who really gets into his character. He brings a lot of style, charm and humor to his role, which makes him stand out. He does very well in both action scenes and emotional scenes.

Talking about his role, Ravi Sarma says that he feels the responsibility of living up to people’s expectations. He believes that when everyone in the team takes their work seriously, they can make such a great film. He is grateful that people are enjoying his work and hopes that he can continue to make high-quality films that are appreciated around the world.

Despite having a budget of only ₹20 million, Sri Raghupati Assamese has earned an impressive ₹138.1 million so far, making it a huge hit. This success proves its broad appeal and shows it can compete on the international stage.

Sri Raghupati Movie Release Date

Sri Raghupati hit the big screens on June 5, 2023, with a production budget of ₹2 crore.

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Sri Raghupati Worldwide Box Office Collection

DayDateBox Office Collection
1 Day5 June 2023₹17 lakh
2 Day6 June 2023₹38.8 lakh
3 Day7 June 2023₹41.7 lakh
4 Day8 June 2023₹43 lakh
5 Day9 June 2023₹44.5 lakh
6 Day10 June 2023₹65 lakh

Sri Raghupati Assamese Story

Assamese cinema started with “Joymoti” in 1935. Despite great filmmakers like Bhabendra Nath Saikia and Jahnu Barua, it struggled to become famous.

Recently, “Sri Raghupathi” hit the screens. It is about a brave officer Raghupati Rai Barua who is seeking justice for the attack on his sister. He exposes a smuggling ring.

The name of the film is ‘Raghupathi’ which means valor like Lord Ram. People praised its direction and acting, especially Ravi Sharma.

The film touched hearts with its music, especially the song “Narayan”. Critics found some flaws in the plot and the ending song, “Aahi Gol Raghupathi”.

Despite this Sri Raghupati earned Rs 10 crore in 21 days. Families enjoyed watching it together, making it a special film for Assamese cinema.

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