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Ayalaan Budget, Box Office Collection, Release Date, Story, Review, Cast

Ayalaan Budget, Box Office Collection, Release Date, Story, Review, Cast`

Ayalaan is a fantastic sci-fi film that took place in 2024. It’s about a man who teams up with an alien to stop an evil scientist from creating a dangerous gas that will harm the Earth. Apart from Sivakarthikeyan and Rakul Preet Singh, the film also has many other great actors.

They began filming in 2016, but there were some problems, and it was delayed until 2018. He shot most of it in Chennai. It took some time to be finished due to money issues, scheduling conflicts, and then the COVID-19 pandemic. They were to do some additional filming in 2022.

Film AR The music is by Rahman and the camera is by Nirav Shah. They used a lot of visual effects to make it look amazing.

The film was scheduled to release in 2023, but was pushed to 2024 as they needed more time to finish it. When it finally came out, people loved it! It grossed well and became one of the most popular Tamil films of 2024. Now everyone is excited for the sequel!

Ayalaan Movie Overview

Directed byR. Ravikumar
Written byR. Ravikumar
Produced byKotapadi J. Rajesh
Rakul Preet Singh
CinematographyNirav Shah
Edited byRuben
Music byA. R. Rahman
Production companiesKJR Studios
Phantom FX Studios
Aadhi Brahma Productions
Distributed byKJR Studios
Release date12 January 2024
Running time155 minutes
Box office₹96 crore

Ayalaan Movie Cast & Crew

Rakul Preet SinghTara
SiddharthVoice of Tattoo
Venkatesh SenguttuvanCharacter via motion capture
Sharad KelkarAryan
Isha KoppikarEliza
Yogi BabuTyson
KothandamTamizh’s mute roommate
Bala SaravananTamizh’s friend
BhanupriyaTamizh’s mother
David Broughton-DaviesDexter Williams
Rahul MadhavAryan’s henchman
Ujjwal ChopraScientist at Aryan Industries
AliceCancer affected girl
Semmalar AnnamCancer affected girl’s mother
Sijoy VargheseArjun
George MaryanFake money lender
MunishkanthPolice inspector
R. Ravikumar and DarshanTrain passengers (appeared in song “Ayalaa Ayalaa”)

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Movie Review & Story

In “Indru Netru Naalai” the director has blended time travel with our own style. In “Ayalaan” he does the same to the aliens on Earth. He adds things that we are used to in Tamil films – like hero songs, romance, funny friends and a bad guy of the North. He also talks about farming, which used to be popular in hero films a few years ago. But it fits here because the main idea is about saving the Earth.

The cool thing about “Ayalaan” is how it twists things we’ve seen in Hollywood – like superpowers, aliens, robots and big battles. In the first part, the alien, Tattoo, is like a lovable cartoon character who makes us laugh and wonder. The special effects make it even more magical. The story brings things from the first part back in the second part in a smart way.

But the film also has some problems. The scenes don’t flow smoothly, the bad guy isn’t that scary, and some parts in the second half, like the car chase and the ending, could have been more exciting. Still, even when things get a little dull, there are still some good moments that keep us engaged.

Story and Plot

Ayalaan is a film starring Sivakarthikeyan. It is about an alien who arrives on Earth and befriends a young boy. They call aliens tattoos. But things go wrong when some bad guys take over the tattoo. The film is about how Tattoo returns home and joins up with the hero and his group of strange friends to save the Earth.

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